About Me

Hey! Welcome to my wonderful world of ceramics! A little bit about me, my name is Emily (but I go by Em), I am 26 and currently am living and making on Gadigal Land (Sydney, Australia), I am an Aries Sun and am (slightly) obsessed with Op Shopping, Iced Long Blacks & Brunching. 

Growing up I always knew one day I would own my own business. I would play shop in our treehouse my whole child hood and my first ever job was working in retail with my Nan at Vinnies - I was about 9. I loved the organising and running a POS machine. I loved painting and putting my pictures in the window and Ive always been obsessed with prints and florals dating back to this time. I always knew when I grew up I wanted own a flower shop, or an art store and I always knew it would be called Posy. 

Posy Ceramics was born in Istanbul, Turkiye in December 2020 (mid Covid19 Pandemic lockdowns). In the chaos of the world I stumbled upon a new hobby that very quickly turned into a passion and a full time job. I learnt everything I know with hours upon hours spent on YouTube and chat rooms and a lot of fails before wins - but the process and the excitement of how a piece would be at the very end of all the work that went into it had me hooked from the start.

Within the first year of making, I would put pieces online and they would sell out in minutes. This fuelled the fire of my business to the point where I was able to rent out a small studio space in Moda, Istanbul and quit my teaching job. I got my very first kiln in June 2021 and there was no stopping me. 

In early 2023 my partner and I relocated back to Australia leaving my little studio behind in Istanbul.

I am in my new little studio in Camperdown and will be hosting workshops and attending my biggest markets yet this year! I still dream everyday of one day owning my own store and workshop space and continuing to spend everyday doing what I love. 

To learn more about my ceramic process follow this link.